about me

I decided to train as a reflexologist and craniosacral therapist having experienced what these therapies offered my own health. 

Hectic lives, work, parenting and growing, mean we sometimes forget to press the pause button. I believe in restoring our resources, whether through complementary therapies, or just doing what you makes you feel alive. I trust in the capacity of our own bodies and minds, and potential to adjust to what life throws at us. This underpins my approach to my own health and that of my son's as well as my values as a practitioner.

Additionally, I have a MSc in speech and language therapy working with children and adults, which lends to my cranial work. I continue to deepen my skills as a craniosacral therapist and reflexologist through continuous professional development, supervision and have received training as a voluntary therapist at Paul's Cancer Support Centre for people receiving active or palliative treatment.


I have further training in fertility and pregnancy reflexology and craniosacral approaches for babies and children, and see mums-and-dads-to-be at any stage of their conception journey - before, during, afterwards, or throughout.


I also teach reflexology to parents to treat their children, and birth partners for the latter stages of pregnancy and during labour.

Some of my clients have chronic and limiting health conditions and physical disabilities and - as with children - I adapt treatments to their changing needs and stamina. I also speak British Sign Language, French and conversational Spanish .

Please have a browse on the site, and feel free to contact me to discuss whether reflexology or craniosacral therapy is right for you or your child.

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  • diploma in craniosacral therapy

  • diploma in reflexology

  • msc in speech and language sciences

  • certified practitioners course in indian head massage


a variety of postgraduate courses in 

  • Jacob Lieberman Laryngeal Manipulation Course (for voice)

  • pregnancy, labour and postnatal care

  • baby and toddler reflexology (Baby Reflex TM)

  • reflexology for fertility

  • hot stone reflexology

  • working with cancer and palliative care

  • fascial unwinding

  • working with babies and children, cranially

  • treating ear, nose and throat disorders in children, cranially

  • msc anatomy and physiology module (UCL) - distinction