i'm still not sure?

I completely understand - I've been there. There are lots of different complementary therapies and ways to de-stress that it can be confusing. In my view it's about finding your own pause button, whichever route you take - and different people take different directions. If you're not sure, please just drop me a line and we can have a proper chat about it.


how do I book?

By appointment only. For home treatments, contact me to arrange a convenient time using the above form, by phone (07930350129) or email (fiona@fromheadtotoes.co.uk). For appointments at the remedie rooms, please contact the salon direct on  020 8677 5771 or enquiries@theremedierooms.com


how many treatments do I need?

This can vary from person to person depending on your wishes, needs, time and finances. Even a one-off treatment is beneficial, but practitioners of both therapies initially recommend a series of treatments, gradually spaced over time, if your personal circumstances allow. 


do I need to do anything before my treatment?

If you have a serious medical condition you may need to seek your GP's consent before treatment so please inform me of any medically diagnosed treatments and ongoing treatment you are receiving. Additionally, for your case history, please bring details of any medications you are taking and contact details of your GP. 


For adults receiving craniosacral therapy it is sometimes helpful to wear loose fitting clothes if more mobile techniques are used.


When you arrive, please switch off your phone or turn it to silent, so you can switch off too.


do I need to do anything after my treatment?

Given their detoxifying effects, afterwards you might feel thirsty, more energised or fancy an early night.  Therefore, please avoid stimulants (caffeine/alcohol), heavy meals and strenuous exercise for the rest of the day, and drink plenty of water to support the detoxification process. It would be helpful to mentally note your experiences following the treatment to share at your follow up.





are there any contraindications?

Reflexology is safe and can be performed in the majority of cases. However sometimes reflexology is not suitable or needs adapting. It is not possible to treat if you have a fever or contagious disease, unstable heart condition, thrombosis, recent haemorrhage, or undiagnosed pain. Reflexology should not be performed on an empty or full stomach, under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, or within 48 hours of a long-haul flight or an innoculation. As it can produce immediate positive effects, you should not receive reflexology before imminent medical tests or procedures.  Please disclose at each session if you could be pregnant so that I can adapt your treatment.


Hot stone reflexology is not suitable for people with an unstable heart conditions or blood pressure and the first trimester of pregnancy, or infectious conditions like cellulitus and caution should be taken with conditions such as rheumatoid and osteo arthiritis


Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle treatment with few contraindications. These include acute intracranial haemorrhage, intracranial aneurysm, recent skull fracture, and herniation of the medulla oblongata.


what is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment please advise me within 24 hours. I reserve the right to charge the full fee for cancellations made with 24 hours notice or less, at my discretion, unless the appointment slot is re-filled.


how do I pay?

The remedie rooms takes cash, cheque and direct debit and credit card payments. For home visits, I can take cash or cheque at your appointment or direct bank transfer payments in advance.


can I claim on insurance?

Certain complementary therapies are covered by some insurance companies - please check with your insurers whether yours is covered and what you need to do. Most insurers simply require you to produce an invoice for the treatment, which I can provide for you to present to your insurers to recoup the money.